After a four hour stand-off with his kitty-kat, Mohammed Lokman dialed 911.

The 'she' is a cat, not the wife. (via CBS Local News)

Cats are truly our fluffy overlords. We serve them with food and poop cleaning, and what to we get? Chased from our homes and embarrassed on the local news. That's what happened to Mohammed Lokman of Stamford, CT, who came home to find his cat, after over a year of peacefully cohabitating, had decided it was time for the Lokman's to GTFO.

The cat had just given birth to a kitten the day before. Not to get all 'bitches be crazy,' but she was probably flush with new mom hormones and trying to protect her bitty baby when she chased Lokman from the house, hissing, biting and scratching. The couple sat in their car for hours before deciding to call the police.

Sources: CBS Local News | h/t Gawker