These guys video taped themselves waking up an angry octopus and then it made them pay.

What a bunch of jerks these guys are! They go out of their way to wake up an itty-bitty napping octopus inside of an adorable shell. Then, when it very reasonably gets PISSED, they mess with it some more. The whole thing culminates with one dumb bro throwing the poor little cephalopod at another dumb bro, who shrieks and runs off.

Guess they weren't expecting this:

Maybe there's a pearl inside... (screenshot via Viral Hog)

To turn into this:

VENGEANCE! (screenshot via Viral Hog)

Be careful, bros. One day the octopus will take over the land and their people have a long memory.

Sources: Viral Hog | h/t The Daily Dot