The hummingbird only speaks Spanish, but he can pick up a little of what the guy's saying.

I don't speak charming elderly Brazilian man, but from what I can gather from the YouTube video description, João Silvestrini has befriended a mother hummingbird and her son. At first, the mama bird came alone, but about a month ago, she started bringing her son. To some, it may seem the birds are just in it for the sugar water, but that would reflect a complete lack of imagination on their part. 

Clearly, the birds are visiting not only Mr. Silvestrini, but also the love of his life, who he doesn't realize lives just a few blocks away, and after all these years, they still—no, forget it. Not even Pixar could come up with anything more whimsical than the reality of this gentleman befriending these birds. 

Sources: Tastefully Offensive