6th grader writes apology note to the police for a serious yet hilarious infraction.

6th grader writes apology note to the police for a serious yet hilarious infraction.

A sixth grader wrote a note apologizing for calling 911 and saying "deez nuts" to the emergency dispatcher.


Deez Nuts say "I'm sorry." (via SCMPD)

The crime took place in Savannah, GA on May 26th when a 911 emergency dispatcher received a surprising phone call. Here is a mock-up of the call transcript:

Dispatch: 911, what's your emergency?
Punk Kid: DEEZ NUTS.

Prank calling 911 is a serious transgression. However, the term "deez nuts" is super funny. This kid's got some comedic potential. Apparently, the kid's parents found out about the call and made their child write an apology letter, and the note was actually very sincere.

The parents had their child deliver the note in person, and the 911 staff accepted the apology. According to Savannah PD, "The visit gave 911 staff the opportunity to show them how they work, how prank calls interrupt that work, and how it puts the general public at risk by taking both dispatchers and first responders away from legitimate situations."

Here's the full note:

Dear Emergency Dispacher,
I am writing a apology letter for what I did last night. Last night I called and said "Deez Nuts." I know this was stupid but I was not listening to myself but I knew it was wrong. Please forgive me for what I said. I know there will be consequences for my actions and I will not complain about them. Again please if you can forgive me if you can. What happened was that me and my friends were talking and I got dared to call you. I would get nothing out of it and only get in trouble for it. In the end I got in trouble for it and this is a letter for you. I am sorry for what I did and hope that you can forgive me.

I think this sixth grader just needs an outlet for creative expression. Also, I'll be using "deez nuts" as much as possible in all my texts and calls from now on.