On Friday, Metro North conductor Michael "Shawdog" Shaw told passengers on his route to wait at the station for the train behind him, which would run express. The train never came. Mortified, Shaw decided to apologize the old-fashioned way—with a typed and printed letter.

Shawdog, who says he knows a lot of his passengers personally, left 500 copies of the letter on the seats of his train on Monday. The 48-year-old president of the conductors union was not only contrite but also apparently angry at Metro North management for what is an all-too-regular occurence. If I was a passenger on Shaw's train, I think this letter would more than make up for any inconvenience. I'd want my subway conductors to start writing apology letters too, but the environmental impact of all that paper probably wouldn't be worth it.

Sources: New York Observer | h/t Gawker