"Siri, remove my corpus callosum."

Yes, we were all—aside from a few poor, misguided souls who still carry "Beautiful Day" around in their iPods—disturbed to pick up our phones last Tuesday and discover an invasive U2 album inhabiting our iTunes libraries. Yes, it felt like a promotional step too far. And yes, customer response was not helped by Bono's waning respect in pop culture.

But it was more than a week ago. Why are we still so angry about it? Music and tech writers are still dedicating online ink to the dissection of this public relations nightmare. Are we really this upset? Or are we just pointing and laughing at Bono's face plant into a mud puddle?  (I say "Bono's face plant," because nobody out there is shaking his fist at Larry Mullen, Jr.)

Sources: Team Coco | h/t Hitfix