The cultural obsession with butts has fall-out.

Can't stop looking, but for the wrong reasons. (via Defamer)

There should be a celebrity boot camp for actual celebrities that just teaches basic Photoshop skills and how to count to ten before tweeting. Almost every celebrity photo you see in magazines is Photoshopped. We know that. What we pretend not to know is that every Instagram post is Photoshopped, too. It's just more fun to think we're getting candid glimpses into the life of our favorite TV/Music/Movie/Sports stars. They're just like us!

Then somebody lets an incompetent assistant or some crappy app do the work, and the illusion is destroyed. Thanks, Lindsay Lohan, for making me admit I will never know what your butt looks like in real life. It's probably amazing, you're a beautiful lady! Leave your butt alone or fool me better, please.

Sources: Defamer