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Today is a two-fer Tuesday in the art world after news that a hidden painting has been discovered underneath Pablo Picasso's early masterpiece, The Blue Room. Art historians had suspected for a long time that there was another image buried in the painting that has been part of the Phillips Collection in Washington since 1927. Only they never had the technology to confirm those suspicions, until now.

Using infrared imagery, scientists and art experts, who have been studying the painting since 2008, were able to develop a clear image of a goatee'd, bow tie wearing, expressionist-period hipster with his head resting on his hands. 

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The Blue Room was created in Paris in 1901 during Picasso's "blue period" where he was focused on melancholy subjects. The identity of the man in the buried painting is unknown, and historians have ruled out a self-portrait. One thing that's clear is that the guy in the image looks so disinterested it's not surprising he got the boot when a nude model came knocking at Picasso's door.

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