Chinese artist Liu Bolin is world famous for his "Hiding in the City" exhibitions.

What if you were trying to grab a magazine and you accidentally touched his face?
(via Edwynn Houk Gallery)

Liu Bolin's bold, precise work reminds me of my favorite artist of all time: Martin Handford. If you've never heard of Handford, that's for two reasons: he's not a household name, and you're an uncultured boob. But even if you've never heard of the man, you know his most famous creation:

The face that taught me to love books (but not words). (via Facebook)

That's right: Where's Waldo? (or Wally, if you're in the UK). Like Handford before him, Liu Bolin has accomplished the ultimate goal of every artist: to create pictures that you stare at, trying to find the hidden guy. But unlike Handford, Liu's pieces are photographs, and the hidden man is himself, painted to look exactly like whatever he's standing in front of. Since 2005, his Hiding in the City exhibitions have fascinated people in cities all across the globe. The latest is in Zurich's Edwynn Houk Gallery, and runs until August 1.

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