Maybe! Because he definitely took a bunch of photos from Instagram users without permission and put them in a gallery for $100,000 a pop.

He makes it "his" by adding a comment. Internet comments: literally the laziest cultural commentary an artist can provide. (via Gagosian Gallery)

Appropriation will always be part of art. But there's a difference between sampling a song and building on it, for example, and just straight-up taking an entire piece without permission. Especially when it's from individuals. Who, in some cases, are trying to make a living off art-based careers of their own. But that's what Totally Great And Awesome Guy Richard Prince did for his exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery in 2014.

Why are we just hearing about this now? Because the exhibition was previously private. Maybe because he knew what a dick he was being?

Sources: h/t Gothamist | Gagosian