A failed auditioner for the role of a lifetime (flasher who appears for a brief moment on "Game of Thrones"), posted the casting call on Reddit. Warning: spoilers.

(via Reddit)

You might remember this part from the finale during Cersei's Walk of Shame (shame! shame! shame!). This guy, Munro Graham, is who ended up doing the scene:

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You can also rewatch the entire walk of shame here and note the flasher at 2 minutes 32 seconds, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone (and nothing has been less safe for work).

The weirdest part about the casting notice is that it warns auditioners that in addition to being comfortable showing their genitalia, they must also be prepared to shout, "I'm a Lannister! Suck me off!" And the two requirements seem like they're given equal weight. Obviously not every actor is willing to get naked on camera, but I'm curious about people who will show their body but won't say anything offensive about the Lannisters. Are they worried it will make things too awkward in King's Landing? Are they members of House Tyrell and want to maintain the illusion of an alliance? Are they loyal to King Tommen? I mean, it's not real life. And also, it's the Lannisters.

Sources: h/t Gawker