14 words or phrases too subtle for the language that brought you "turducken."

Brave 2: Merida vs Strangers With Boundary Issues (via Behance)

Artist Marija Tiurina has created a series of artworks depicting the real-world meanings of words in other languages that have no precise equivalent in English. The works are available on Neon Mob, a site where you can buy and trade packs of artwork like trading cards. You can't buy each print individually—you buy a pack and hope you end up with one of the super rare ones, and you can trade with other people online to complete your set. In this set, "Cafuné" and "Deunde" are ranked "extremely rare" and only appear in one in every eleven packs. I wonder if some nerdier language has a word for the feeling of opening a metallic-wrapped pack of trading cards and finding a rare one. The best I can come up with is "being-twelve-again-ishness."

Sources: redditor siraisy