Sorry you ticked off the priest at some point.

"The Franciscan" is a joke about monks who shave the tops of their heads.
I think. I'm a bad Catholic. (via @BillDonaghy)

This Catholic identification guide comes via Bill Donaghy to let you know what sort of Catholic your friends are—the prompt kind, or the "my-head-slipped-because-I'm-hungover-from-Fat-Tuesday" kind.

Today is Ash Wednesday, aka "Let's Figure Out Who's Catholic Day," when practicing Roman Catholics get a bit of soot smudged on their foreheads to remind them of the whole ashes-to-ashes, dust-to-dust thing. It's also the start of Lent, the 40-day period before Easter where everyone makes unbearable jokes about what they're giving up for Lent. It's also the day after the sin-fest of Fat Tuesday/Carnival/Mardi Gras, so Ash Wednesday also serves the purpose of forcing hungover Catholics to actually get out of bed on Wednesday. Except the people who got the "First in Line" smudge, who are no fun on Fat or skinny Tuesdays.

Sources: Bill Donaghy