Woman makes tragic mistake of trying to enjoy baseball in Philadelphia.

It's an undeniable fact that Philadelphia sports fans are the worst fans (across all sports) in any country. This is the town that booed Santa Claus and pelted him with ice balls, after all. They are also fond of hurling batteries at people they don't like, such as pitcher J.D. Drew in 1999 or the Phillies' only African American player Dick Allen throughout the 1960s. However, Philly fans keep pioneering new techniques in the asshole sciences.

During the Phillies-Diamondbacks game at Citizens Bank Park, Philly rookie Maikal Franco hit his first home run, which lands just out of reach of an older fan. As she reaches, a cheesesteak-fed lummox muscles her aside and wordlessly walks away like he's browsing merchandise at a Modell's. It's so rude, the FOX Sports announcers from Arizona can't help but talk about it.

Sources: Mashable