"Tanry," because it's a tan Camry? Even though it looks gray? Who cares, we'll take it.

It's sadly already been "Flagged for removal" because people have no appreciation for wanton creativity anymore, but this Craigslist ad for a used 1999 Camry demonstrates how the internet has opened the doors for artistic impulses to invade even the most mundane of our daily transactions. With mileage broken down into Proclaimers songs, references to magical realism, the promise of free male and female condoms as well as an unopened Michael Buble CD, and all of it presented in a collage that looks like excerpts from the most adorable ransom note ever made, this thing had better have been flagged by publishers who wanted it off the internet so it could be resold in leather-bound hardcover. Spend your morning taking a journey through this used car ad. We hope an annotated version is released on its tenth anniversary, with a foreword written by one of the Car Talk guys.

Sources: Pinterest