Woman discovers compelling new reason to clean your closet: if you don't, Satan might send an angry possum to nest inside.

Even worse, the possum tried to redecorate, repeatedly using the catchphrase "Think of the possum-bilities!" (via YouTube)

Los Angeles resident Tara McVicar discovered something unpleasant in her closet when doing some spring cleaning earlier this month. No, it wasn't pictures of her ex, but rather a hissing possum nesting in a plastic garbage bag (a garbage bag that may or may not have previously been filled with pictures of her ex; she doesn't say). Lucky for us, sharp-witted McVicar made a video documenting her efforts to get the pissy mega-rat out of there. And in the middle of those efforts, she made a discovery: the possum was a momma.

Sources: h/t Huffington Post | Tara McVicar