10 ways to use a baby as something besides a baby.

10 ways to use a baby as something besides a baby.

Time? Time turns babies into teenagers.

Babies. Are they single use, or what? Seems like all there is to do with them is love them and shepherd them into adulthood. Boring! Here are some fun alternative functions for the babies in your life. Use them for all this fun stuff, while they're still small enough to play with like a doll.

1. As little choreographers.

Sure, it's free-form, but it's on the beat. And if you need music...

2. As an instrument.

I think that baby's been hitting the bottle too hard.

3. As a dog toy.

NOT a chew toy. I'm not afraid to say it: dogs shouldn't chew on babies, babies shouldn't chew on dogs.

4. As a heavy lifter.


Or a way to attract attention to how strong YOU are, The Rock.

5. As a booze container.

Yeah, he's drinking a protein shake, but we all know that's not what we're filling a fake baby with before heading to church on Sunday.

6. As a reality check.


Loving that baby raises you up, cleaning up poop brings you back down to earth.
(via Kirsty Grant)

7. As a taste-tester.


Someone needs to make sure the sour fruit is sour.

8. As a housekeeper.

This baby is in more of a management position over that Roomba.

9. As a prop to troll your friends.


This is what happens when your babysitters have good Photoshop skills. (via Reddit)

10. As a cat toy.

That's what a cat "playing" with a child looks like.

Enjoy them while they're young, folks!