We should probably be happy that Letitgo didn't chart this year.

It probably shouldn't come as a huge surprise that BabyCenter.com is reporting a large uptick in Frozen-inspired baby names. The feminist-themed animated Disney film become a bonafide cultural phenomenon pretty much immediately after it hit theaters last year. We already saw what Game of Thrones did for the not-even-actual name Khaleesi, so an increased interest in both Elsa and Anna—the names of the sister princesses at the heart of the movie—seems like a no-brainer. And, as this chart shows, that's just what happened:


As you can see, the name Elsa increased by 34% from last year and Anna (already the 37th most popular girl's name) jumped by 5%. Not too hard to wrap your head around that. But, um, what's up with those other names?

Okay, Kristoff was the handsome, dashing leading man in the film, so, okay, I guess that 40% jump makes sense. (Plus New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof should probably get a little credit for that one.) But Hans—which received an identical boost—was the name of the bad guy. So, that means that thousands of people decided to name their kid after a would-be murderer. All because he had one pretty catchy duet with the female lead. That seems a bit odd.

Sources: Baby Center | h/t AV Club