We'll ignore this baby's blatant request for "Happy Birthday" wishes. (via reddit)

Ah, the joys of a baby's first flight! The screaming, the crying, the blissful moment where you think it finally fell asleep, followed by the inevitable realization that no, it didn't and neither will you. Is there anything that could make it better?

Yes! This! This is how you bring a baby on the flight: with a pre-emptive apology and the gifts of candy and earplugs. Granted, these parents aren't the first to come up with this idea. But since humans will always be reproducing, and since they'll always be bringing their offspring on planes until we invent teleportation devices (or run out of fossil fuels and collapse into primitivism), we're always happy to remind breeders out there that there are steps they can take to prevent their spawn from ruining everyone else's day.

Sources: redditor ninjashares