Well, now I know what airport security is there for. (via LiveLeak)

This footage from November 23 (only now released!) shows a man going through security at Katowice-Pyrzowice International Airport ("the airport so nice they named it wice") in Poland, and misjudging his baby's center of gravity and the whole concept of where to put babies so they don't fall on their heads. Then, quite seriously from nowhere comes the most impressive catch I've seen since whenever the last time was a gym teacher showed the class a sports highlights video on a rainy day. The chagrined father gives up his baby (although it should be pointed out that the person off-screen receiving the baby is apparently his mother) and will probably go to his grave hearing his family give him crap about this. Apparently, the employee has received a well-earned bonus for his valour. 

Sources: LiveLeak