At 10-months-old, Felix gets to meet his mom's identical twin sister for the first time, and he pretty much looks like he's gazing inside the Ark of the Covenant.

Which side is the baby, and which side is a screenshot from an Indiana Jones film? The answer may surprise you! Actually, it probably won't. Sorry. If it does, you should spend some time learning about what a baby is. (via MailOnline and davstern1500 on YouTube)

Why don't we adults pull more pranks on babies? People love pranks, and babies are super gullible. Like, take this baby, Felix, who appears in the video below. Felix was born in Lithuania last year, and recently, he traveled to Montreal, where he met his mother's identical twin sister for the first time. And, from what I can tell from the video below, the experience blew his baby mind.

Sources: h/t Metro | MailOnline