Nine Inch Nails soothes 24-inch human.

The good news for Dad is that he's found a way to make the baby stop crying. The bad news is that it's by cranking "Copy of A" by Nine Inch Nails, which could turn out to be a potentially terrible influence. I guess The Wiggles just wasn't cutting it. In any case, it seems like dad made the decision to deal with the more immediate issue of a crying baby and cross the other awkward bridge when he gets to it. You can't argue with results.

The best part of the clip is the daughter saying "Oooh" when she recognizes the song, because it sounds exactly like a sound Trent Reznor might use as a sample on a NIN song. Which would make for an even better video, one of a crying baby reacting to the sound of her own voice in a NIN song called "A Copy of a Baby Hearing a Copy of A."

(by Jonathan Corbett)


Sources: Ebaum's World