This move, pioneered by the legendary Martha Graham, is called the Squat-n-Poop.

This video of a dancing baby was first shared about a year ago and popped up again this week. In it, 14-month-old Ivo, son of Brooklyn-based choreographer Alexandra Beller, leads a rehearsal for a piece called "Milkdreams."

The three dancers imitate Ivo's every move, and end up doing what looks like a pretty classic modern dance (er, if such a thing exists). Beller calls Ivo their "muse" in her original Facebook post of the video. I just hope the attention doesn't go to Ivo's head. Pretty soon he'll be walking in a straight line and pooping in the potty, and the dancers will abandon him for a younger, more wobbly choreographer.

Sources: FunCam on YouTube | Alexandra Beller on Facebook