We didn't have an image for this story, but we do have a whole list of baby name books we wish existed.

The Social Security Administration has reported the most popular baby names for 2014, here are the top ten:

  1. Noah / Emma
  2. Liam / Olivia
  3. Mason / Sophia
  4. Jacob / Isabella
  5. William / Ava
  6. Ethan / Mia
  7. Michael / Emily
  8. Alexander / Abigail
  9. James / Madison
  10. Daniel / Charlotte

Personally, I'm glad to see "Jacob" drop another spot (down from #3 last year following a 13-year reign in the #1 position). Fewer "Jacobs" mean fewer "Jakes," and I hate when people have my name. It's also great to see "Jayden" out of the top ten. Not that it's too close to mine or anything, it's just a ridiculous name. (Although I imagine by the time a President Jayden is in office, kids will all have emoji names.)