Is Ryan Reynolds' new baby a fable with fantastical powers? Maybe!

Could pregnant Blake feel her baby kicking and chanting "to-day I bake, to-morrow brew"? Maybe! (via Getty Images)

Although Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have not revealed the name of their newborn child, Reynolds did tell USA Today that despite rumors, his baby's name is not Violet. This pattern of only revealing a name when it is correctly guessed might point to the true identity of Blake and Ryan's poppet — the infamous magical troll-man Rumpelstiltskin.

Neither Reynolds or Lively have confirmed that their infant child is a small man that preys on desperate women in their time of need, but they haven't denied it either. The good news is that if Reynolds' baby is indeed named Rumpelstiltskin and somebody guesses it, Reynolds is bound by mystical forces to reveal the truth.

Sources: USA Today | h/t ABC News