This list of 10 states with the worst drivers is fittingly all over the place.

This list of 10 states with the worst drivers is fittingly all over the place.


Let me call you back, some jagoff from Texas just hit me.

The website has just released its list of the ten states with the worst drivers and it's pretty surprising. The list was created using statistics compiled from car crash fatalities, drunk driving incidents, speeding tickets issued and several others. Based on a few glaring omissions, it's apparent that giving the finger, blasting terrible music and general rudeness were not factors.

And now the bottom ten countdown, from bad to worst...

10) North Dakota
What's the rush? You'd think that whatever is going on in Bismarck could wait till you got there. And it's not like there's a million other people on the road, because there aren't a million other people in the entire state. Considering that it's probably tough just to find other people to hit, they must make up for it with speeding and DUIs. Way to play against type, though.

9) Montana
They must get a lot of visitors from North Dakota. Either that or bears. Nothing else makes a ton of sense.

8) North Carolina
I thought things were supposed to be laid back in North Carolina. The problem could be rooted in college basketball-related road rage.

7) Missouri
I always wondered what the Show Me State meant. Evidently it comes from "Show me your license and registration."

6) Florida
The only surprise here is that they didn't place higher on the list. With all the northeast transplants, old people and homegrown nutjobs, Florida coming in 6th is shocking. Then again, statistics isn't exactly their strong suit either.


5) Alabama
The Heart of Dixie... And the left foot of Dale Earnhardt.

4) Texas
Of course Texas made the list. If Texans didn't make the list they'd demand a recount then drive around like maniacs until they felt they were being respected.

3) Mississippi
What has four I's and can't drive for shit?

2) South Carolina
The South will rise again! On the list of the country's worst drivers.

1) Louisiana
Who dat drivin' like an asshole? It's Louisiana, fast... Also, reckless and drunk. 

(by Jonathan Corbett)