Let me call you back, some jagoff from Texas just hit me.

The website has just released its list of the ten states with the worst drivers and it's pretty surprising. The list was created using statistics compiled from car crash fatalities, drunk driving incidents, speeding tickets issued and several others. Based on a few glaring omissions, it's apparent that giving the finger, blasting terrible music and general rudeness were not factors.

And now the bottom ten countdown, from bad to worst...

10) North Dakota
What's the rush? You'd think that whatever is going on in Bismarck could wait till you got there. And it's not like there's a million other people on the road, because there aren't a million other people in the entire state. Considering that it's probably tough just to find other people to hit, they must make up for it with speeding and DUIs. Way to play against type, though.

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