"Shirtless? Check. Headlight out? Check. Let's do this!"

This video of two young knuckleheads battling a metal gate with their car is so fresh, it hasn't even been set to "Yakety Sax." So there's no information which might explain what the hell the driver could've possibly been trying to accomplish by repeatedly ramming the car into the barrier. It's as if the guy was angry at the gate for not getting out of the way on his first pass, so he decided to teach it a lesson by ramming it in reverse. After nearly decapitating his lady friend and getting the auto-equivalent of a wedgie, he's somehow convinced that his problem was not going fast enough. In the end, he winds up with an upside-down car and an angry date. Final score: Gate 2, Shirtless Idiot 0.

Sources: Digg