New Zealand MP Ron Mark learned a valuable lesson recently: you get bleeped if you say "fuck" on TV, but the sign language interpreter doesn't get blurred.

Here's one way to raise awareness during Sign Language Awareness week: say "fuck" on the parliament floor while you have a sign language interpreter around, so that the interpreter gives the finger in the middle of the session. That's what New Zealand MP Ron Mark did during a heated debate back in late May, anyway.

It's delightful to watch the interpreter give the finger in the video above. But the video has raised awareness about something else too: the NZ Parliament has some of the best name-calling in politics. According to the article, "An MP hasn't been able to call a fellow member a 'silly old moo' since 1977." This means, I assume, that there was enough of a problem with people calling other people a 'silly old moo' that they had to make a rule against it. And former Prime Minister Rob Muldoon once described someone as a "shiver looking for a spine to run down," which is a much worse insult than any swear could ever provide.

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