Can't get a bunch of amazing musicians in the same room? Well, get 'em in the same song.

Pssst! Hey, you there! Yeah, you! You need a song to dance to? Or work to? Or do you need song that you can slink around your apartment to when your roommate isn't home, imagining that you're a badass spy? Well, these 15 musicians have a song for you!

The piece on Digg claims that these are "amateur video clips" that were cut together. While that's a nice story, it's not correct — many of the musicians are professionals who live in Tel Aviv. The video was commissioned by The British Council, "the UK's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities." While it might not be as badass as a video made by with amateurs, it's still a really cool song, and The British Council has a tool that lets you make your own mix, too.

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