So...many...bad...grammars. Still, though, a free limo for stealing schwag isn't a bad deal.

If you've been young and drunk, or just drunk at any age, you've likely experienced the joy of stealing something large and pointless from a bar or generally anywhere on the street near a bar. Normally, the next move isn't to put it on Facebook, because crime. But Galway, Ireland must be a chill town, because when local youths steal a large doormat from your nightclub (btw, guys, there have been a lot of wet Irish shoes on that), you don't call the police or ban them from the club—you make a bet with them. At least, that's what Carbon Nightclub Galway offered these doormat-stealers: sneak the mat back in undetected, win a bar tab, a free limo, and vip treatment for friends. Get caught, get barred for 2 months. Whoever said crime doesn't pay forgot about the currency of fun.

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