So...many...bad...grammars. Still, though, a free limo for stealing schwag isn't a bad deal.

If you've been young and drunk, or just drunk at any age, you've likely experienced the joy of stealing something large and pointless from a bar or generally anywhere on the street near a bar. Normally, the next move isn't to put it on Facebook, because crime. But Galway, Ireland must be a chill town, because when local youths steal a large doormat from your nightclub (btw, guys, there have been a lot of wet Irish shoes on that), you don't call the police or ban them from the club—you make a bet with them. At least, that's what Carbon Nightclub Galway offered these doormat-stealers: sneak the mat back in undetected, win a bar tab, a free limo, and vip treatment for friends. Get caught, get barred for 2 months. Whoever said crime doesn't pay forgot about the currency of fun.


In good fun or not, the gauntlet thrown down by Carbon Nightclub Galway has been picked up by people all over Galway who wanted to get credit for their own stolen goodies. The original thieves weren't finished either; these photos were apparently uploaded in response by the two thieves the bar challenged:

The question of why either the bar or this McBro wanted this poster remains unanswered.

Nightclubs are so sentimental, am I right?

But they are by no means alone. Apparently lots of people in town like to steal from Carbon, and they didn't miss this chance to brag about it:

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