No more teasers, here's Anne Hathaway full-on wrecking it.

I have a secret: I've never disliked Anne Hathaway. It seemed like for a while, everyone thought hating her was so cool. She is kind of awkward, for a gorgeous celebrity actress, but the level of backlash seemed completely unreasonable. Maybe we were inundated with her for awhile...and she got to be Catwoman. And work with Meryl Streep. Who cares?!

So happy to announce the ban on loving Anne Hathaway has finally been lifted with her appearance on Lip Sync Battle, where she rides a wrecking ball, flips off Emily Blunt, licks a diamond-encrusted hammer, and gets the crowd so frothed up they're chanting her damn name, while Blunt moans, "I know. I know."

Sources: Lip Sync Battle on Spike