Vanessa Hudgens just made the same hairstyle decision as so many soon-to-be regretful college freshmen looking for a change. She got bangs.

Hudgens has been slowly but surely chopping off her hair, going from a long, straight middle part to a blunt bob and now, to a choppy haircut complete with bangs. She's essentially turning into Coachella, personified.

Naturally, she captioned her hair debut Instagram post "Bangin."


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As Teen Vogue reports, hairstylist Chad Wood is to thank for the former Disney star's new edgy look. The undone beach waves in her bangs perfectly mirror the texture in the rest of her hair, while a slight part in the bangs makes for a versatile look. Unlike all those college freshmen, chances are she won't be hiding her new bangs under a tasteful headband.


Hudgens isn't the only star who's trying out bangs this summer. Sofia Vergara, she of the quintessential long, luxurious hair, has decided to shake things up with straight-across bangs.

New haircut 😁gracias !!#kellyklain💇🏽

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Gwen Stefani, who's known for her platinum blonde hair-red lip combo, also recently went the straight-across bang route. (Notice the Instagram caption, which, again, says #Bangin. If there's one thing to be learned from all these celebrity hairstyle changes, it's what wording to avoid.)


We'll see how long these new looks last — with Hudgens' penchant for hairstyles as bold as putting a dreamcatcher on her head, it's a safe bet that she'll be itching to switch it up before long.

Sources: Refinery29