55-year-old beekeeper Gao Bingguo wore over 1.1 million bees. I hope that when I reach my mid-life crisis, I find a less sting-filled way to feel alive.

Chinese beekeeper/man who 100% definitely has no bee allergies, Gao Binggao, broke the Guinness World Record on Monday for the most bees worn at one time — 240 lbs of 'em, or approximately 1.1 million bees. Binggao's fellow beekeepers started by placing 12 queens on his body to attract the workers, then dumped and shoveled the bees on when that wasn't enough. I remember the good old days when you only needed one queen to attract 1.1 million workers, and those workers were happy to have something to do!

Binggao was stung about 2,000 times during the experience, and his body temperature rose to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit, making this one of the most unpleasant world records to try to break. He also smoked a cigarette to help keep the bees away from his mouth, and I assume the bees close to it made tiny passive-aggressive coughing noises.

Sources: h/t Mashable | AP