Originally published Feb 19, 2014.

"Let's send out a press release about this meme. Type it up and copy it onto Silly Putty."
(via reddit)

Some random father out there posted a nice photo of his baby eating breakfast on Facebook. Then, as friends do, a friend of his took the picture and put it on reddit, saying he couldn't help but imagine the baby saying "Look, tell Clyde he's a dumbass... and then fire him." Which, to be fair, is exactly what it looks like he's saying. Reddit agreed with him, and turned this baby into the most exciting new kid meme since the 60-Year-Old Girl.


Still, this should serve as a good lesson to parents of young children out there: if you insist on having the right to pollute our Facebook pages with your pudgy-faced progeny, everyone else reserves the right to turn them into hilarious memes which may or may not affect their self-esteem some day.

He's got a good grip on the concepts of black vs. red, though. (via)

To be coddled like an infant and listened to like a god is the goal of all executives. (via)

Although the images were all made by different people, nevertheless an interesting little subplot involving "Susan" emerged:


lt's pretty sexist that the only woman mentioned is his assistant, but he's an
old-fashioned business baby, I guess.

"Tell the intern to come in." (via)

WHOA! You kiss your mother with that mouth?!

Cold-hearted and grammatically challenged... you ARE cut out for executive life.

You can't deny that Business Baby knows how to play hardball.

He may not have object permanence, but he has objective permanence. (via)

Sorry, Jerry, but this company needs you like a sippy cup needs a bottom hole. (via)


Fast-forward 50 years...nothing has changed. (via)

Last guy who did that got spit up on. (via)

They don't call Murphy "The Clean-Up Guy" for nothing. (via)

That movie was obscene considering the number of muppets in it. (via)

That information is classified to Play Area 51. (via)

This little guy is notorious for giving people the crawlaround. (via)

Great, Elmo always makes a scene. (via)

Johnson's still driving a Fisher Price! (via)


"Turns out it's Jaden. I'm as surprised as you are, sir." (via)