Careful, girls. That look in his eye means he's either about to strike or piss in a mop bucket.
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Here's a story about Justin Bieber and, no, he will not go away if we stop writing about him. You clicked and now we are in this together. 


According to TMZ, the foremost authority on all things celeb-shitty, Justin "Piss Bucket" Bieber is under investigation for attempted robbery. He took his re-girlfriend Selena Gomez (are they back together?) to a Dave and Buster's in Hollywood and, as if that wasn't torture enough, a fan decided to take pictures and video of them. 

Here's a Vine Bieber put up from D&Bs to put him at the scene of the crime:

Bieber should have thought to himself, "I deserve to be photographed. I went to a place filled with tourists and booze-flavored food. I'm the most entertaining thing here. " 

Instead, Biebs lunged after the fan's cell phone to presumably to remove the photos and videos. His security guard held him back so Bieber never actually touched the fan, but still, the cops were called. Beiber and Gomez fled the scene before police arrived. 

TMZ's anonymous law enforcement sources say that the fan is now looking to press charges, and not just because they sat in traffic to play a race car game and;spend a week's pay on moonshine chicken fingers (or whatever). Nope, Dave and Busters is in the legal clear while Justin is under investigation for "attempted battery, attempted theft (stealing the pics) and attempted robbery (grabbing the camera in an attempt to permanently deprive the fan of the pics and video)."

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