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This woman's story of how her parents met is too insane to not be true.

This woman's story of how her parents met is too insane to not be true.


Whether it's the most mundane story of al, or it's Pulitzer prize winning material, most of us have been force-fed the story of how our parents met. Passing down these histories of whirlwind romances (or destructive flings) is such a universal tradition, it birthed the whole plot of How I Met Your Mother.

So, when Twitter user Ice JJ Les asked his followers to share the stories of how their parents met, he was sure to receive some golden stories.

While there were plenty of anecdotes ranging from heartwarming to downright boring, one woman's story stuck out as perhaps the most unlikely and cinematic.

She truly could not make this one up.

"My dad was in jail, he called the wrong number by mistake, happened to be my mom, they talked because my dad didn't want to waste his call. BOOM they've been married for 24 years now lol," Twitter user Terra Ryzing wrote.

Given the completely unlikely and serendipitous nature of her parents' meeting, Ryzing's tweet quickly gained traction.

For every tweet that gets traction, there are doubters and detractors. So naturally, Ryzing felt it her duty to clarify the validity of her parents' story and dish some follow-up details with the curious internet mob.

Her parents both agreed that the random wrong number dial was fate.

Ryzing shared that after the initial phone call, her father started regularly calling her mom to chat.

This is a love story that needs to be made into a feature lengh film, ASAP. Can you imagine this on the silver screen?! It would be pure romantic gold.

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