I feel generous after imbibing $200 worth of alcohol, too. (via @TheChalkOutline)

A bartender at Brewskis Bar in Ogden, Utah, got the above tip last weekend from a generous mystery tipper. The bar's owner, Jared Allen, told the Huffington Post that the man "seemed like just a guy who does well for himself and chose to share it with others." The tip had to be processed as a separate transaction since the bar's stupid payment system won't allow a customer to tip more than 100% of the total bill, which is obviously impractical.

Later that night, the same guy gave a $1,000 tip on a $49 bill at another bar, but after the first tip, it doesn't seem like $1,000 is very exciting, does it?

We should all be tipping this way! Tipping from the heart, not based on some arbitrary measure like how much our meal cost. If only someone had given me a $5,000 tip that one summer I worked at the Pita Pit, my whole life would have been different. Well, at least my summer would have been different, because I definitely would have quit.


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: HuffPo | @TheChalkOutline