Time to plant some hedges, bigots!  (Photo via HuffPost)

Welcome to Equality House, a project launched by Aaron Jackson of the charity Planting Peace. Six months ago, Jackson bought a house that sits directly across the street from the Westboro church compound, and today it's being painted in the colors of the gay pride flag, and will soon boast an actual flag waving from atop a 30-foot pole. The project, according to HuffPost, will turn the house into a gay rights advocacy center, and is the first step in a campaign Planting Peace is waging against the church. In this interview Jackson claims he's had interactions with the Phelps family and they've been nothing but hospitable. No word on how they'll react to their new neighbor's home decor. They could probably complain to the homeowners' association, but they've no doubt done a few "God Hates Homeowners" picket lines so that probably won't help them very much.

Sources: HuffPost