Hey hey hey! It's deeply disturbing! (And maybe NSFW? It's exactly what we said it was.)

That'll show him. (via Cory Allen Contemporary Art)

It's one thing to see your childhood heroes exposed as (multi-alleged) vicious serial rapists. It's another thing to see them naked and rendered in bronze, with a cartoon character they created in place of their penis. And yet, it's an all-too common reality of the times we live in.

You have to hand it to 15-year-old sculptor Rodman Edwards: this is a pretty effective put-down of the man. It certainly makes calling him a piece of shit (as Richard Pryor's widow did) look tame. Edwards is proposing the sculpture, titled "Fat Albert Cries for Dr. Huxtable," as a replacement for the more favorable statues of Cosby at the TV Hall of Fame locations in Orlando and North Hollywood. It seems unlikely that the Hall of Fame would go for it, but it raises a good point: the statues that are up should come down. Unless the Hall of Fame wants to ignore the more than 35 women who have accused Cosby of rape.

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