Prediction: CBS will buy the rights to this video and have a show called 'Bird Dentist' on air within six months.

Child/daredevil Aaron Androschcuk recently posted this video of his parrot pulling out a loose tooth. According to his YouTube page, this is the fifth tooth the bird has pulled out of Aaron, which means Aaron is five times braver than I am.

Also, I'm a little worried that Aaron is accidentally training the parrot to develop a taste for pulling human teeth that could drive the parrot to go pull other kids' teeth when Aaron's baby teeth are all gone. The upside is that there would be a winged creature that cares about taking your baby teeth, which makes the tooth fairy kind of real. But the downside is that the tooth fairy is just a parrot that steals your teeth directly from your mouth and gives you no money.

Sources: h/t BoingBoing | Anton Androshchuk