"United Passions," FIFA's self-produced film, flopped worse than FIFA's attempts to get America into soccer.

America is just not a soccer country. We think of it as a children's game. We call the sport by a completely different name that the rest of the world. We don't respect soccer. Hell, because the rest of the world loves soccer so much, it leaves the good ol' U.S. of A. to investigate the massive, systemic corruption that plagues the world's largest sports association.

In the midst of the recent corruption arrests and allegations, FIFA bankrolled United Passions, a historical film about the organization's long history, to the tune of $29 million. But after opening weekend, the film only grossed $607. To put that in perspective, schlockmaster Tommy Wiseau's abysmal The Room made three times more money in it's first (and only) two weeks of theatrical release.

Sources: Los Angeles Times