Hopefully he brought a Poison-type Pokemon to counteract the tear gas he's about to get.

Unfortunately, there's a Snorlax sitting in front of the gateway to reform in Brazil, but this man dressed as Misty from Pokemon is there to wake up the sleeping Pokemon of progress. Tens of thousands of Brazilians have been trying to get Brazil to advance to the next-level gym of democracy by taking to the streets and protesting Brazil's endemic corruption and lack of public services. While there are a lot of bad things happening in connection to the protests (in part because Brazil's police force is full of SWAT-style teams designed specifically to deal with prison riots and slum gangs), we'd like to highlight this one little ray of joy from a man in the dark who doesn't mind dressing up like a girl from an anime show to help change the world. Thank you, man in short shorts with a delayed childhood problem but also civic responsibility. Thank you.

Sources: Redditor ElLocoS