Great. Not only did I come to the cemetery to grieve for my wife, now my show is spoiled.

As Walter White taught us, sometimes mixing ingredients that seem harmless, even beneficial, can create a toxic or explosive new formula. That's what happened this weekend for a group that had the very nice idea of having a funeral for Walter White (we all miss that murdering drug lord scamp) that doubled as a fundraiser for a charity to help Albuquerque's homeless get healthcare. So far, so awesome. Unfortunately, the organizers decided that instead of doing it in front of a homeless shelter or in a public square in Albuquerque, they would hire a hearse and a beat-up lookalike of the RV from the show and have everyone drive to an actual cemetery for the funeral. As in the place where other people go to bury their real loved one. Said one disapproving father, Manuel Montano, "my son is buried about 15 yards from where the makeshift gravesite is." Montano also said he wanted the tombstone moved so it wouldn't become a tourist destination.

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