And the menus aren't open, because they're OUT OF OPTIONS! Whoah.

SPOILER DISCLAIMER: There aren't really any spoilers here, unless you were unaware there was a show called Breaking Bad, but some people just want to watch the comments section burn. If you are one of those people, I can't promise anything. There are lots of little words in that picture and I don't know how dumb you are.

If there's anything more audacious and grandiose than the final episodes of Breaking Bad, it's the self-proclaimed genius of the online commenters who are determined to somehow get extra credit from Vince Gilligan by guessing the hidden meaning of every single pixel he throws on screen, or finding easter eggs. Hey, I've seen some good ones. Most of them, however, look like this hilarious picture from this redditor (who seems to have modified an earlier, less-crowded picture from this other redditor), where literally any thread that can be found will be pulled until finally it unwraps Skylers sweater, which symbolizes everything between Walt and what he wants.

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