The "Hold a Coke with your boobs" challenge raises awareness of Coke and boobs, but doesn't actually do much for breast cancer. Except piss off people with breast cancer, like Aimee Fletcher.

Actual breast cancer patient Aimee Fletcher. (via Twitter)

It can be hard to make critical statements about about kinda shady "challenges" that claim they're being done for the sake of a good cause. When you criticize them, it's easy for people involved to play the victim and say something like, "Hey, we're just trying to support people with breast cancer!"

Such is the case with the "Hold a Coke with your boobs" challenge, which was started by a porn "recruiter," Danny Frost, and model Gemma Jaxx. (The fact that these people are related to the porn industry has nothing to do with whether or not the challenge is good-hearted, by the way.) What's followed is a lot of women showing off their chests with sodas between their boobs, and not a lot of actual support of the fight against breast-cancer. Here's an example:

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