Did I say you could smile, bitch? (file photo)

From the annals of bad bridesmaid experiences comes this tale, one of the most harrowing we've ever heard. Gawker has published a selection of emails from a woman who may just deserve the title of Cruelest Bride Ever. I like to imagine that before this whole wedding process started, she was a nice person, someone everyone could rely on—meek, even. But someone told her that her Special Day had to be Perfect, and to achieve that goal, she became a total asshole and directed all of her anxieties and misgivings toward her best friends, who never want to speak to her again even though now she's perfectly friendly again. If you're suspicious that these might be fake (as no doubt the bridesmaids themselves were), at least one commenter on Gawker claims to be a bridesmaid and that three of the bridesmaids no longer speak to the bride.
Sources: Gawker