ChadMichael Morrisette received an unexpected Facebook apology from someone he hadn't seen since junior high.

ChadMichael Morrisette, bullying survivor. (ChadMichael Morrisette via Yahoo)

Many people who were bullied as children carry that experience with them the rest of their lives. They can move on and become successful and happy, but they'll always remember the way they felt in those terrible moments. Most bullying victims dread any reminder of their past, but for 34-year-old ChadMichael Morisette, it was a positive experience. One of his former bullies reappeared in his life not to torment him, but to offer him some closure.

Louie Amundson grew up with Morrisette in a small town in Alaska. He was one of a number of boys who would mercilessly bully Morrisette, following him through the hallways of their junior high school while shouting insults and threats at him. Morisette left the town when he was 15, and his life got better. These days, he is a successful brand consultant and visual designer in West Hollywood. He had put his troubled past in Alaska behind him, so he was surprised one morning when he woke up to this Facebook message from Amundson:

Sources: Yahoo Parenting