Nicole LeMire lost her job after subjecting an abusive student to "public humiliation."

This is one of those stories where you change your mind several times while reading it. At least I did. Is it fair to bully a bully, even if you're an authority figure? Do two wrongs make a right? Is it fair to use the bullying tactics of shaming and humiliation if it prevents the innocent from being bullied in the same way? Also, is a bully bullier like Blade, the superhero who has the powers of a vampire but not the weaknesses, and uses his power to fight vampires? The answer is yes.

Nicole LeMire is a former teacher at Glen Oak Elementary School in the Olentangy School District of central Ohio. A very popular teacher in a well-ranked school, LeMire thought her job was safe. But last Thursday, the school board voted to fire her, all over an episode that happened in her classroom.

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