File this one under "your worst nightmares come true."

"That don't sound like no cat I ever heard…" (stock photo)

I hope you got a good night's sleep last night, because after reading this story, you may never sleep again. A woman from Palm Springs, FL was searching for her two cats one night last week, with no idea that a burglar was loose in the neighborhood. He had already been spotted, and police were on the way, but they didn't know which house he had gone into.

The woman reached under her bed and touched something alive, but it didn't feel like a cat. It felt like human skin. It turned out it was the burglar, who immediately bolted out of the house, taking a bracelet and digital camera with him. Shortly afterward, the man was picked up by police, and the woman identified him as the burglar. Police identified him as 25-year-old Christian Vatovec.

Sources: CBS 12