What better way to let some kids know you know they've been cheating together than by forcing them to join forces again?

With four of them on this, you'd think they'd have gotten a better grade. (via Imgur)

Today, redditor Loganapple09 posted this photo of a teacher's ingenious cheater-busting note spread out over four papers with identical answers:

"Ok, so I don't know whose is the original, but it seems that this is not your original work. So I can divide these six points everyone shared altogether, or each of you can get another copy, look up the definition of prep. phrases again and do this assignment better and correctly. Thank you."

Hey kids, I just googled it: a "prep. phrase" is a "prepositional phrase," which is "a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or a pronoun."

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